Employee expedited badging process and approximate timeline

  • Register on the Vanguard site
  • Completed registration triggers request for initiation of background investigation.
  • (3-5 days) FEMA emails employee 3 forms to fill out (including the credit check authorization) and instructions and possible locations for getting finger printed (note: 1 form needs to be witnessed – this can be done by anyone over 18 yrs old)
    • Finger Printing – FEMA will provide possible DHS locations for fingerprinting.
      • Employees near a FEMA location will contact the location and request an appointment to get fingerprinted electronically (no hard cards needed)– they will be immediately in the system (instructions included by FEMA)
      • If employee is NOT near a FEMA location, employee will be directed to request fingerprint cards from their FEMA contact. FEMA will mail (usually overnight) required number of fingerprint cards which can be taken to a local law enforcement agency to have fingerprints taken.
        • Follow FEMA instructions on completing the fingerprint cards and bringing the required forms of identification.
        • Contact your local agency(s) to determining fingerprinting services and to request an appointment. Be sure to clarify any fees for fingerprinting.
      • Return completed fingerprint cards and required forms to the address provided by overnight delivery.
  • (2-5 days, estimate only) FEMA will notify Vanguard IS, who will notify you of your status – eligible /not eligible.
    • If you are eligible, arrangements and further coordination will be done to get an actual FEMA badge issued. Once eligible, you can charge to the project. However, you cannot be in the field without an actual badge.
  • Within 120 days – complete the E-QIP process online to ensure your badge remains valid (links and information will be sent by FEMA.)

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