Inspection Guidance Updates

HIS Guidance Changes:

For the Inspection Guidelines:

  • Applicant Information – Inspectors are no longer to make complete name changes. Minor edits to the applicant’s name may be executed but refrain from changing the downloaded registrant to another individual regardless of this individual being a HHM or Co-Reg.
  • Inspectors are no longer to collect signatures on the Declaration and Release.
  • Occupancy and Ownership Verification – FEMA will provide confirmation prior to issuing the inspection using automated verification for CONUS applicants. Inspectors will need to carefully review applicant provided documents when the “red hazard” triangle is present and or when suspecting the applicant to have not resided in the dwelling or changing their occupancy status to an owner.
  • Home Information – a new field in ACE requires inspectors to confirm the applicant’s location at the time of inspection.
  • Throughout the document, we have clarified to use the current language of “disaster-caused”.

ACE 4 User Guide:

  • Edits throughout the document removing the requirement to collect signatures, make name changes, and latest language change to “disaster-caused”
  • Inspection Types, Withdraw – Option 1 is clarified to be used when encountering individuals who state that they did not apply…possible fraudulent request.
  • Declaration and Release – a number of edits removing the requirement and how to navigate the ACE software to avoid recording this option. Additionally, clarification on 3rd party inspections (no longer utilizing the form withdrawing the inspection for FEMA to confirm).
  • Structural damages – clarification on the assessment of destroyed structures.
  • Destroyed dwelling clarification provided to align closer to the PDA manual.
  • Habitability Compromised – clarified when removing text that “presents no disaster related hazards to the occupants.” This aligns with existing guidance where the applicant is responsible for some repairs.
  • Current Location – new ACE field to collect and confirm the applicant’s current location. This field was added to confirm an ongoing lodging need where the individual may be residing in hotel provided by the Agency.

Habitability Call Drivers:

  • One of the most significant changes to ACE 4.07 and NEMISA was the ability for federal administrative users to change RP line items and quantities to drive habitability. Although these changes were implemented many ACE versions previously, the attached matrix clarifies the removal of line item #6459 (Gas Flue) and replaced with 6430 (Flue Stove Pipe). The RDA line item 9009 Insulation Floor/Ceiling was added as well as 9039 (cabinets), 9040 (central a/c) and 9050 (no mechanical damage).

Frequently Provided Guidance, the following revisions are noted:

  • Appliances Thawed Refrigerator
  • Removal of the 3rd Party form
  • Boat docks damage by the disaster
  • Insurance types – owners with a sump-pump rider it is asked to record HOI with SBU
  • Tiny Houses on wheels – dwellings less than 400 SF on wheels record similar to a TT.

Line Item Descriptions:

  • 3109 – PP item TTY/TDY telephone – added back to the list for it is an acceptable state requested item as of the last agreement.
  • 6249 – RP item Circuit Breaker, 1 Pole – clarified to record only one breaker when tandem SP breakers are used.
  • 6943 DW Block and Reset – clarified to use 1 LS to reconnect each affected utility.
  • 6948 SW Block and Reset – clarified to use 1 LS to reconnect each affected utility.

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