Introduction to Vanguard Inspection Services

VIS Disaster Inspectors are independent contractors who have the opportunity to be deployed when a disaster (i.e. – fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.) has occurred and there has been a disaster declaration.   The length of deployments for disaster declarations vary based on size and the amount of damage caused by the event.

Being a Disaster Housing Inspector is a rewarding and challenging experience. Successful Disaster Housing Inspectors are able to perform a variety of tasks. To ensure this is the right opportunity for you, see some examples below!

Tasks of a Successful Disaster Housing Inspector:

  • Can verify ownership and occupancy of damaged homes
  • Can record damages of the interior and exterior of damaged dwellings
  • Can select viewed damages from a list of disaster related losses
  • Can supply at your own expense needed items such as
    • Tools (standard tape measure, rolling tape measure, clip board, notecards)
    • Safety clothing and/or equipment (safety glasses, safety boots)
  • Has the opportunity to work 7 days a week during a deployment, often longer than 10 hours a day
  • Can schedule and organize your own appointments
  • Can electronically submit expenses and timesheets on a weekly basis

Additional Information:

  • Your inspections will undergo quality reviews, both by Quality Control inspectors and the VIS Review staff.
  • Per inspection performance pay inspection rates: Novice Inspectors (0- 500 inspections) $39 per inspection, Intermediate inspectors (501-1,500 verified inspections) $44 per inspection, Advanced (1,501+ verified inspections) $50 per inspection. Additional information on hourly vs per inspection compensation is available within the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) within VIP.
  • All inspectors are reimbursed for allowable field expenses (rental cars, airfare, lodging, mileage if not using rental car) and will receive the GSA per diem rate daily while deployed and meeting FEMA per diem requirements.

Ready to Get Started!

VIP Registration

For new inspectors, the registration process begins at


As an independent contractor there is no interview process; however, please see the link above to VIP to begin the registration process.

Background Investigation

All persons interested in this opportunity must pass an "e-QIP" background investigation prior to deployment. During the registration process you will be asked to give permission for a background investigation. Please review the background overview process provided at time of registration.


VIS provides on-line resources through our VIS University
and in-person training at various locations through the US. Your account in The VIS University will be created within 24-48 hours of registration completion. You will then be able to use your email address as your username in the LMS site. Select the "forgot password" link for further login instructions. They will be sent via email.

How it Works

All Interested Persons:

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must complete registration in the Vanguard Inspector Portal (
  • Must complete and pass the required “e-QIP” background process
  • Must complete the Inspector Contractor Agreement along with some additional forms for payment
  • Must regularly update your availability status

Reimbursable Travel Expenses

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • POV mileage
  • Rail/Taxis/Public Transportation
  • Laundry: Up to $15 on trips exceeding 14 days
  • Rental Car
  • Fuel for rental car
  • Tolls/Parking
  • National Travel transaction fees: Booking fees for airfare, hotel & rental car
  • Meals: Housing inspectors will be compensated for meals and incidental expenses. The amount will be in accordance with the federal GSA rate schedule for the location of performance.

For additional information on Reimbursable Travel Expenses view VIS’s Travel Policy in the Resource Library on the VIS Time and Expense System (


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