“eAPP” Background Investigation

All persons interested in working with Vanguard Inspection Services on the FEMA Disaster Housing Inspection Services contract are required to complete and receive a favorable determination as a result of an “eAPP” Background Investigation and obtain a FEMA Contractor badge prior to deployment. This process includes completing and submitting the following:

  • “eAPP” e-Application
  • Fingerprints
  • Standard investigation forms

“eAPP” is a web-based automated system that was designed to facilitate the processing of standard background investigation information. It allows you to electronically enter and transmit your background information over a secure internet connection to FEMA Security as the requesting agency.

How do I get Started?

Inspector Registration

During the process of completing your inspector registration, you will be prompted to acknowledge and approve the initiation of your “eAPP” background investigation process with FEMA Security.

Request Sent to FEMA

Upon completion of your inspector registration, VIS will submit the request to FEMA Security to initiate your “eAPP” background investigation.

Complete and submit your “eAPP" requirements

Upon receipt of the request, FEMA Security will send you an email containing all the information and instructions needed to complete your “eAPP” process. Upon receipt of your email, please note the due date assigned to your investigation and complete it accordingly. Missing your due date will make you ineligible to continue the process.

Acquire your FEMA Contractor Badge

Upon receipt of a favorable determination based on an initial pre-screening of your background information, VIS will contact you to assist you in finding a location and setting an appointment to receive your FEMA Contractor badge, even though your investigation is not yet complete. Once you have your FEMA Contractor badge, you are eligible for deployment to a disaster as far as your “eAPP” background investigation is concerned.

Face-to-Face Interview

As part of your “eAPP” background investigation process, you will be contacted at some point by an OPM Investigator for a face-to-face interview to discuss the information included in your “eAPP”. This is a requirement even though you may have already received your badge, so please respond promptly when contacted.

Please remember that there is no formal end to your “eAPP” background investigation as it is ongoing and subject to periodic review by FEMA Security. FEMA Security will attempt to contact you by phone and email if they have questions or need any additional information at any time.  Please respond promptly to any requests received to avoid revocation of your FEMA Contractor badge and your eligibility for deployment.

Please contact us via email at background@vanguardhis.com with any questions.