Published on: September 10, 2018

Notice to all FEMA PIV Badge holders

Notice to all FEMA PIV Badge holders


Now that I hopefully have your attention, the above notification applies to many of you, so please read on.  Many of you have had your FEMA badges for at least a few years now and are quickly approaching the expiration date listed on the front of your badge.  So, the logical question is “What do I do to keep my badge from expiring?”  Here is what you need to KNOW and what you need to DO:

  1. KNOW – If you do not renew your badge and your badge expires, you will no longer be eligible for deployment.
  2. KNOW – You are eligible renew your badge when you are within 90 days of the expiration date.  You want to renew it BEFORE the expiration date.  You DO NOT want to let your badge expire.
  3. DO – Contact a FEMA badging facility when you reach the 90-day window and request an appointment to renew your FEMA badge.
  4. DO – Confirm with Vanguard when new badge is received by sending an email to  Provide the issue date of your new badge.
  5. DO – If you need assistance with this process or have any questions, please send an email to, or call 1-855-482-6447, option 4.

I know this message is early for many of you, but we wanted to make sure you all knew how the renewal process worked so you could be prepared.

Thanks for taking note of this and for getting this done.


FEMA Security is currently sending out a multi-page addendum to your “e-QIP” that must be completed and returned within three days.  From what we are told, it is only going out to anyone who still has an open “e-QIP” investigation being processed, whether it was submitted one month ago or three years ago.  Many of you have probably already received it.  It does not require your social security number and includes primarily “yes” and “no” answers, so does not take long to complete.  Not everyone will get this from what I am told, so don’t panic if you do not receive it.  But please note: It is coming out via email, so if FEMA does not have your correct email address, you could miss it.  If your email has changed, I recommend that you update it immediately in the inspector portal, then contact the background department and we will provide the updated email address to FEMA security for you.  If not completed and returned as required, your FEMA badge will be revoked, so please make sure ALL of your contact information is correct.

FEMA Badge Security Reminder

IF you have not looked at it for a while, NOW is the time to locate your FEMA badge to make sure it is safe and secure AND to have it ready in case of deployment.  Please keep the following in mind regarding your FEMA badge:

  • Reminder:  Your FEMA badge is government-owned property loaned to you and it is your responsibility to use and protect it according to FEMA Security guidelines.
  • Remember, it is against the law to make a copy of or scan and transmit a copy of your badge electronically at any time, to anyone, for any purpose.

Never give your FEMA badge nor a copy of your badge to anyone for any purpose.  It is to be used only by you and kept in your possession and protection at all times.  It should only be surrendered to Vanguard or directly to FEMA upon FEMA’s request.