VIS Onboarding for Puerto Rico Residents Only

Vanguard Housing Inspection Services is looking for disaster housing inspectors and field personnel in Puerto Rico. VIS is working with FEMA to expedite the background process for new inspectors and will be conducting daily onboarding events in San Juan.   This event is for Puerto Rico residents that are registered in the Risk Manager Inspector Portal, marked Available, and registered for the Puerto Rico Onboarding and Prescreening. A preliminary background pre-screening and credit check will be conducted prior to event.   If you live in Puerto Rico and have not yet received your FEMA PIV badge, and not previously denied, login to the Inspector Portal and register for the Puerto Rico Onboarding and Prescreening class under the Training tab.¬† Once you have successfully passed the initial prescreen and credit check, you will be notified where to attend FEMA fingerprinting and background process.   To be included you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen residing in Puerto Rico
    • If you were born outside of the U.S., you must bring your U.S. Passport or Naturalization Certificate with you to the event.
  • Complete inspector registration in the Risk Manager Inspector Portal and submit all required forms.
  • Not currently have a FEMA PIV badge (and have not previously been denied)
  • Undergo and must pass a Background Check, Fingerprint Identification, and a Credit Check. A felony conviction in the past 5 years may prohibit your success.
  • If you have concerns about your credit history, please review your credit report. Address and resolve any credit discrepancies or issues that are past due prior to arriving in San Juan, such as, but not limited to:
    • Delinquent federal debt, such as taxes or school loans
    • Child or Alimony delinquency
    • An active bankruptcy
  • Be available to deploy immediately after receiving your badge
  • Commit to a minimum of a 3 week deployment
If you are unable to register on-line but are interested in this opportunity and have read and understand the considerations for eligibility, please go to the following location to register! Registration Location Vanguard Registration Center 27 Calle Gonzalez Giusti Guaynabo, Puerto Rico¬†00968   Parking You will park across the street (approximately 4-minute walk) at either of the following places (one is a pay for parking and will be reimbursed, the other is an open mall). Torre Santander 2235 Tabonuco Street San Juan, Puerto Rico San Patricio Shopping Mall Avenue Gonzalez Giusti Guaynabo, Puerto Rico You will have to walk to the JLL building complex, please follow the signs directing you to our Onboarding Center. For additional questions, please e-mail Or call 855-768-7803

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